Tag: conversation

by Margaret Rosas

I recently attended the Integrated Media Association conference in Atlanta and sat in on a panel of web content providers addressing public radio folks about online content. Jesse Thorne moderated a great discussion about how to provide content your audience wants to hear, how to listen and how to foster online communities around your content. […] more »

by Rich Gordon

What’s next for News Mixer? The demonstration Web site, launched in December by a team of Medill students, shows off some interesting new ideas for engaging people in online conversations around news. The site has attracted quite a bit of attention from people interested in the future of journalism, social media and new technology. More […] more »

by Amy Gahran

When we started the Boulder Carbon Tax Tracker project, we believed what local people involved in this effort told us — that they’d be happy to contribute to this public conversation, speak up with their ideas and observations. Since we’re dealing with a fairly niche topic mainly involving local government in a small city, we […] more »