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by Ken Banks

It’s Social Media Week this week, and in recognition of this and our seventh anniversary next month, we’d like to reflect on the role that social media has played in the history and development of FrontlineSMS. ‘Democratization of Development’ In a recent BBC Future article, I wrote about the “democratization of development.” In it, I […] more »

by Matt Thompson

For the past two years, I’ve been working on Project Argo — a collaboration among NPR and 12 member stations in which the stations launched 12 niche websites on a platform we developed (built on WordPress), each putting their own spin on a common editorial model. As the pilot phase of Argo comes to a […] more »

by David Cohn

For those who don’t know — the Carnival of Journalism is something I restarted in January (coming up on a year!) where a bunch of journalism-bloggers get together and write about the same topic once a month. The question is posed by the host — who rotates. This month’s host is the Guardian’s developer blog, […] more »

by David Cohn

This month’s Carnival of Journalism, a site that I’ve organized where bloggers can convene to all write about the same topic, was hosted by Kathy Gill, a social media consultant and senior lecturer at the University of Washington, who seized on the new social network that is Google+. Still in its infancy, Google+ has been […] more »

by Brad Flora

So you’re thinking about starting a local blog. Maybe you’re a reporter tired of office politics and lowest-common-denominator assignments. Maybe you’re a neighborhood gadfly who wants to create a new place for locals to gather. Maybe you’re a realtor who wants to generate new leads. Either way, your local blog, like most new things, will […] more »

by Brad Flora

Here at NowSpots we’re developing a new advertising platform that will let local publishers sell and publish real-time ads on their sites. In my last post here on MediaShift Idea Lab, I explained why real-time ads are a better business model for hyper-local bloggers and local publishers than AdSense or existing display ad solutions. Since […] more »

by Scott Rosenberg

Joel Spolsky wrote his final blog post last week. If you’re not in the software field, you might not know Spolsky’s name. But since 2000 his Joel on Software blog has been explaining the intricacies of programming with clarity and humor for an audience of both insiders and novices. Joel on Software served as a […] more »

by Prabhas Pokharel

This is the second of two articles about Mobile Voices, a project based in Southern California. The first post can be found here. Voces Móviles / Mobile Voices, a Los Angeles-based citizen media project, a collaboration between the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California (ASC) and the Institute of Popular Education […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

I’ve just returned from helping deliver the first seminar about blogging and citizen journalism ever held in Sochi, Russia. Just weeks away from launching my Knight News Challenge project, SochiReporter.ru, I organized a seminar for third, fourth and fifth year students from the five leading Sochi-based universities. Thirty-five journalism and IT students participated in the […] more »

by David Sasaki

M.D. Leaves Profession to Blog Last week one of the most emailed stories on the New York Times website was about a medical doctor who traded in his profession for a more lucrative one: blogging. No, Arnold Kim M.D. does not blog about kidney diagnosis, his specialty, but rather, rumors about future Apple products. His […] more »