Tag: algorithms

by Jonathan Stray

There are some amazing algorithms coming out the computer science community which promise to revolutionize how journalists deal with large quantities of information. But building a tool that journalists can use to get stories done takes a lot more than algorithms. Closing this gap has been one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of […] more »

by Jesse Shapins

It’s been a crazy couple of years thinking about the changing nature of documentary in the context of networked culture. In the background of developing Mapping Main Street and then Zeega — an open-source platform for creating interactive documentaries — I’ve also been doing research into what I call the urban database documentary. I define […] more »

by Jonathan Stray

Overview is a project to create an open-source document-mining system for investigative journalists and other curious people. We’ve written before about the goals of the project, and we’re developing some new technology, but mostly we’re stealing it from other fields. The following are some of the best ideas we saw in 2011, the data-mining work […] more »

by Dan Schultz

My colleague Matt Stempeck said it best: “Dan, I know that your life has been a tornado wrapped in a hurricane wrapped up in a whole box of tsunamis this week, but you really need to start wearing pants to work.” It turns out only part of that quote is accurate, but you’ll never know […] more »