As we mentioned in a previous post, this spring we at discovered the best path for further development — namely, by creating small, specialized map apps. The first application of this kind was our HotBills app, which allowed journalists to reach 2% of the population for their investigation and uncover facts which were mere hunches before.

Now we’ve launched the second map app!

i-76bd7d66e50c0db7e22f18bd214ff67e-Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 8.48.42 AM-thumb-520x355-2595.png

PublicConsultation, like the name suggests, is a map app that allows one to hold public consultations on a city map online interface. We developed this app together with, one of the most successful civic initiative platforms in the world. This app was piloted in Ķekava city in Latvia (with roughly 20,000 inhabitants). Here are the preliminary results:


Currently, five more cities, the police, and other organizations in Latvia are interested in using this app. Our collaboration with was very productive, and we plan on merging our teams and working together in the future.