Looks like digital is the official medium for all things hip and green.

Weekly, the Beanstockd team peruses the online world for websites that share a unique perspective on environmentalism. Weekly, we are consistently surprised with the variety we find. The world of traditional media provides a limited scope on the voice of the green generation – digital broadens that view, significantly.

Besides its obvious environmental benefits – digital offers up an open space for all breeds of environmentalism to share their message. Below you’ll find Beanstockd’s compilation and summary of our favorite new green sites – representing the multifaceted face of green and new approaches to using digital as a mode to drive awareness and action.

The Green Guide
National Geographic’s go-to source for green habits to incorporate into everyday living. It offers tips that are realistic, useful, relatable. Today’s feature spotlights the Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama giving good press to the organic revolution as they pumpkin pick.

Its tagline is “the darker, cooler side of green.” A lifestyle blog with the sleekness and edge of a Design site complemented by an eco-conscious undertone. Makes you want to go green if only for the style credibility it will give you.

The New York Times’ very own green blog.

How to go green without sacrificing style.

How Can I Recycle This?
The name is self explanatory. And really it’s got a solution to any recycling question you’ve got.

A blog that devotes its time to “exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology>”