With two months remaining in the first half of our Knight-funded Open Media Project, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead. Last month, we brought many of Drupal’s top video and media developers together with the staff from the 7 OMP Beta-Test sites for the Open Media Camp in Denver.

Next week, we’re presenting the model at SCAN NATOA, hoping our user-automated model can be part of the solution for the endangered status of public access in LA. The following week, its up to Davis Media Access, where we’ll assist them in the implementation of the Open Media tools.

In June, we’ll do the same at ACTV Amherst and the Boston Neighborhood Network, with a weekend trip to NYC to present at the Open Video Conference, which is looking more and more impressive every day. While in NYC, I hope to meet with WNET to talk about the potential re-birth of the Open Media Network, a visionary effort that was stopped short by a debilitating illness to its founder, Mike Homer.

Then, we cap off the first year of the Open Media Project at the National Alliance for Community Media Conference in Portland, where we also will be implementing the Open Media tools at Portland Community Media.

Year Two shifts focus to developing a simple-to-use packaged Drupal install profile, cooperating on further documentation and evaluation, and exploring several solutions to facilitating content-sharing between stations.