I’ve been advising a San Francisco startup, Flowgram, where Abhay Parekh and his team have come up with a novel Web 2.0 idea. 

It’s a system that lets you guide someone through several websites or pages, showing various items — but where the pages and links stay “live” for the user. Here’s a smart one by a Flowgram developer, Tony Lopez, showing some great blogging tools:

I’ve created several journalism-related Flowgrams with a focus on new media. Keep in mind that I’m still an amateur at this, as will be obvious…
For example, take a look at this brief introduction to the Washington Post’s superb “Faces of the Fallen” project:

Here’s another, a look at how bloggers are becoming some of the best of today’s media critics — in part by pointing directly to errors and sources that show why the original stories are mistaken.

This tool has great possibilities.