Finally I am able to post independetly, and after the semester is over I will have a chance to work more on the news project. As a matter of fact I already started working on it. I have an internship for the summer at the Johnson Simulation Center and I worked 3 days of this weeks on the news game. I mainly tried to understand the code, and try to implement some features in one of the mini-games, a breakout clone. The mini-game is still in an early stage, as well as the whole system actually. Other projects have been high priority for the team and so I can’t say that we moved forward that much.

On the other hand we are gonna start an interesting collaboration with Distill. I look forward to meet with them next Tuesday in Ottawa. I have been playing their games so I can be ready for the training. So my next post will be about my experience at Distill. They have a few games that try to education employees about safety and quality at work. We might try to plug-in our data and see how it goes. It will be interesting.

stay tuned.

Fabio Berzaghi