Nominate Top Innovators for the MediaShift20, EdShift20 and MetricShift20 Lists

by Mark Glaser
November 28, 2017

Who are the people really making a difference in digital media this year? Who is flying under the radar but needs to be in the spotlight for innovation? Who is making a difference in their community, in the nation or the world? MediaShift wants to find out with your help. We are launching our first MediaShift20 list for 2017, and want to highlight people in the digital media world who are truly change-makers and who are leading the way.

We will have three lists: our overall MediaShift20 that will include everyone in digital media, from entrepreneurs to journalists to producers; the EducationShift20 that will focus on innovation by educators; and the MetricShift20 to highlight great work in media metrics. Our goal is to bring attention to those who have done great work in 2017 and deserve more notice.

How It Will Work

Anyone can nominate someone for one of our lists. We will collect nominations through Google Forms and via social media. Once we have all the nominations, we will then vote as a staff on the various lists, coming up with our Top 20 innovators as well as some honorable mentions. The goal will be to come up with a diverse mix of people on the lists. You can help us by nominating those you know and colleagues.


Once we have chosen the MediaShift20, EducationShift20 and MetricShift20 lists, we will publish those in our 2017 Year in Review Special Series over the holidays.

How to Nominate Someone

We want to make sure everyone knows about the lists and how to nominate people. You are welcome to nominate more than one person, but only nominate each person once. Be sure to explain clearly why the person should make the list, and link to their project or work. This should be for work they have done in the 2017 calendar year.

You can nominate people by using our special Google Forms:


MediaShift20 Nomination Form

EducationShift20 Nomination Form

MetricShift20 Nomination Form

You can also nominate people on Twitter using the special hashtags: #MediaShift20, #EdShift20 and #MetricShift20. If you do use social media hashtags, be sure to explain why they deserve to make the list and link to their work.

The last day for nominations will be Friday, December 15.

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