Daily Must Reads, June 15, 2015

by Julie Keck
June 15, 2015

1. The news about new digital-news sites? It’s tough going (Paul Farhi / Washington Post)

2. Gawker’s moment of truth (Jonathan Mahler / New York Times)

3. Making black lives matter in the news (Susan Smith Richardson / Nieman Reports)


4. The New York Times wisely blocks staff from viewing its desktop homepage (Nate Swanner / The Next Web)

5. Why ‘buy’ buttons will pose big challenges for Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (Jason Del Rey / Re/code)

6. Introducing “Actuality,” Quartz’s new podcast with Marketplace (Tim Fernholz & Kevin J. Delaney / Quartz)


7. PBS Online Film Festival returns with 25 diverse, indie films (via PBS)


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