Daily Must Reads, April 24, 2015

by Julie Keck
April 24, 2015

1. Once Comcast’s deal shifted to a focus on broadband, its ambitions were sunk (Jonathan Mahler / New York Times)

2. The California law that could be used as a ‘tool’ by police to harass journalists (Eriq Gardner / The Hollywood Reporter)

3. Yelp wins dismissal of lawsuit over quality of its reviews (Jonathan Stempel / Reuters)


4. Salmon’s report on the death of journalism as a career ‘greatly exaggerated’ (via David Cohn)

5. Turkish college student convicted for tweeting satirical news story (Robert Mackey / New York Times)

6. Cablevision debuts ‘cord cutter’ packages (Sarah Perez / TechCrunch)


7. UK’s Channel 4 News launches 4NewsWall using animated GIFs (Jasper Jackson / Guardian)


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