1. Students reading e-books are losing out, study suggests (Annie Murphy Paul / New York Times)

2. Entitle brings Its subscription e-books To e-ink Readers, including the Nook (Anthony Ha / TechCrunch)

3. Spanish language e-book market comes into its own (Mercy Pilkington / Good E-Reader)

4. ‘I should write a book:’ Why authors decide to self-publish (Leah Price, Daily Press via Missoulian)

5. The complete guide to query letters that get manuscript requests (Jane Friedman / JaneFriedman.com)

Courtney Lowery Cowgill is a writer, editor, teacher and farmer. As an editor, she works as the managing editor of PBS MediaShift. As a teacher, she’s an adjunct professor at the University of Montana School of Journalism, specializing in feature writing, legislative coverage, rural journalism and online journalism. Formerly, she was the editor in chief of the online magazine NewWest.Net, which she co-founded. Before that, worked as a newswoman for the Associated Press. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s helping her husband wrangle 150 heritage turkeys, 30 acres of food, overgrown weeds or their young children