Even in today’s increasingly digital market, the old-fashioned book signing is a valuable experience — both for authors and for readers.

Click the image for the full series. Photo by Nick Heer on Flickr and used here with Creative Commons license.

Click the image for the full series. Photo by Nick Heer on Flickr and used here with Creative Commons license.

To that end, at almost every author event, one question that always comes up is, “How do I do a signing for my digital book?” There are two nifty tools that I always recommend.

1. Autography

2. Authorgraph (formerly known as KindleGraph)


autographyI first met the guys behinds Autography at Book Expo America 2012 (BEA12). They demoed their product for me, and I immediately signed up my Crowdsourced Guide to NYC to enable author signings. Autography is neat because all you have to do is create your Autography application online and then download the app from the iBooks store. Once you upload your EPUB file, you can then use the app to take pictures with your fans and send them autographed versions of your books. The nice thing about Autography is that you can take a picture with people, write them a message on your iPad, and they then get sent a version of the e-book with a signed picture at the beginning of the book. (See image at right.)


authorgraphAuthograph is a handy tool that evolved from just being a tool for Kindle authors, and expanded into being able to be used for any e-reading app you use. You can’t put in pictures, but you can sign digitally. You just “Request Authorgraph” once you’ve set up your account and your readers can opt to get a customized message from you.

Do you use Autography or Authorgraph? Or do you have recommendations for other tools?

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