The Digital Book World E-Book Best-Seller list tracks e-book sales ranking and price data across five major e-book retailers with the goal of providing the most accurate picture of which e-books are most often purchased by consumers and at what price point. The full methodology is available here.

Sylvia Day is once again atop the e-book best-sellers list with the latest installment in her hit Crossfire series. The book reportedly had pre-sold a million copies before being released last week. Her other books, though not in the top 10, are back on the best-sellers list, likely on the strength of the popularity of her newest title. Here’s the latest top 10 e-book best-sellers.

  1. “Entwined with You” (Crossfire Trilogy Series #3) by Sylvia Day; Penguin; $9.99
  2. “Inferno: A Novel” (Robert Langdon) by Dan Brown; Random House; $12.99
  3. “And the Mountains Echoed: A Novel” by Khaled Hosseini; Penguin; $12.99
  4. “The Hit” by David Baldacci; Hachette; $8.99
  5. “Beauty from Surrender” (Beauty Series #2) by Georgia Cates; Self-published; $3.99
  6. “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald; Simon & Schuster; $4.99
  7. “Whiskey Beach” by Nora Roberts; Penguin; $9.99
  8. “Silken Prey” by John Sandford; Penguin; $12.99
  9. “Gone Girl: A Novel” by Gillian Flynn; Random House; $12.99
  10. “Pros and Cons: A Short Story” (Kindle Single) by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg; Random House; $0.99

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