The digital revolution has changed how we see our world and thus, it’s also changed how we tell the stories of our world.

Over the course of the next week, MediaShift is looking at new forms of storytelling and how digital tools bolster that storytelling. We’re exploring at all kinds too, from film, to online, to public media; from a digital storytelling course in a Kentucky high school to a new kind of college journalism course that teaches new forms of storytelling.

Series Posts

Teaching New Forms of Storytelling, from Database Narratives to Quantum Journalism, by Susan Currie Sivek Taps Into NYC’s Untold Stories by Sandra Ordonez

Public Media Reinvents Itself With ‘Full-Spectrum’ Storytelling by Sue Schardt

How Transmedia Storytelling Could Revolutionize Documentary Filmmaking by Amanda Lin Costa

How to Teach Digital Storytelling in High School by Paul Barnwell

Should We Blow Up Reporters’ Beats in the Digital Age by Josh Stearns

Beyond Crowdsourcing: How to Turn Sources Into Storytellers by Sarah Alvarez

Previous Coverage of Storytelling

How National Geographic Used the Cowbird Storytelling Tool to Tell a Reservation’s Whole Story by Susan Currie Sivek

SXSW Showcases Rise of Multiplatform Storytelling and Collaborative Filmmaking by Nick Mendoza

Medill Students Use Locative Media for Mobile Storytelling by Amy Lee

How Design Links Storytelling to Social Enterprise
by Alex Park

Carnivale Creator Bypasses Hollywood, Launches Transmedia Story Haunted by Amanda Lin Costa


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Managing editor Courtney Lowery Cowgill is a writer, editor, teacher and farmer based in central Montana. In addition to her work with MediaShift, she teaches online courses at the University of Montana’s School of Journalism. Before she came to MediaShift, she was the co-founder and editor in chief of the now shuttered online magazine NewWest.Net. When she’s not writing, teaching or editing, she’s helping her husband wrangle 150 heritage turkeys, 15 acres of food, overgrown weeds or their new daughter. She blogs about life on the farm, and other things, at