Since the kickoff of the 2012 Summer Games, there have already been more than 10 million mentions of the term “Olympics” on Twitter. Many of these tweets come from the athletes themselves.

Amid the so-called Social Media Olympics, Storify — a website that allows you to create stories from content on various social networks — has become an extremely useful tool for digesting the massive amount of social media output from athletes and fans alike. Storify’s Olympics page showcases all Olympics-related stories and refreshes when reports are updated or new ones are created.

Over the past week, I’ve been following the endless stream of real-time updates from Olympians’ Twitter accounts and synthesizing a Storify rundown of the most interesting tweets. There have been words of passion and fortitude, displays of national pride and respect for fellow athletes, goofy outlooks, and all in all, just a band of talented people making memories to last a lifetime. Embedded below, these tweet highlights allow us to understand the games from new angles and at new depths.