The 2012 election season will gain a lot of momentum with the upcoming party conventions — the Republicans up first in Tampa, Fla., this week and the Democrats the following week in Charlotte, N.C. As with any major event happening in the past year, a lot of attention is given to how the online population will factor in.

The party conventions are no different. All the networks, including PBS and C-SPAN, will be streaming the conventions online, and TV coverage will again connect viewers with what’s happening on Twitter. Also, as they bring out a platter of social media accounts, both parties are looking forward to engaging the masses in political discourse.

There is lot to anticipate as these party conventions unfold, and the following resources will help you follow along on the web and mobile.


2012 Democratic National Convention official website

2012 Republican National Convention official website

Charlotte in 2012

Tampa 2012

Charlotte Observer DNC page

Tampa Bay Times RNC page

Tampa Bay Tribune RNC page

Washington Post 2012 campaigns page

NY Times DNC coverage

NY Times RNC coverage

Huffington Post Democratic Convention

Huffington Post Republican Convention

CNN’s 2012 Election Center

Politico’s 2012 Presidential Conventions Guide

FoxNews 2012 Elections

Reuters 2012 Election l RNC/DNC Conventions Liveblog

National Review Online – The Campaign Spot

C-SPAN Convention Hub: RNC l DNC

NY DailyNews Live Coverage of RNC Convention

ABC News: RNC Convention Live Stream l Live Blog


Democratic Senators

House Democrats

RNC 2012

RNC 2012 Speakers

Senate Republicans

House GOP

DNC 2012

NBC News: RNC 2012

NBC News: DNC 2012


Democratic Convention

Republican Convention

Charlotte in 2012

Tampa 2012

Charlotte Observer DNC coverage

Tampa Bay Times RNC coverage

2012 RNC Events


The Democrats

Debbie Wasserman, DNC Chair

Joanne Peters, DNC Press Secretary

Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman

Sharon Day, RNC Co-chairman

CNN Politics

Karen McAllister, Tampa Bay Online editor

WMNF News in Tampa

NewsChannel 36 in Charlotte


Democratic National Convention official FB page

Charlotte in 2012

Republican National Convention official FB page

2012 Tampa

CNN Politics

Facebook and CNN’s ‘I’m Voting’ app


Pinterest: Dem Convention official

New14 Carolina: DNC 2012

2012 Elections Infographics

Quora: Republican National Convention topic page

Democratic National Convention topic page

Storify: WUSF Tampa Bay coverage

NBCNews: The Social Media Story of RNC12

Sarasota Patch RNC coverage

Link TV Citizen Reporters Cover the RNC Convention

GOP Convention

Tumblr: Tumbling the Conventions

Google+: Republican National Convention official page


Flickr: Democratic National Convention

Republican National Convention

RNC pool


Youtube: Democratic National Convention

Republican National Convention

Charlotte in 2012

2012 Tampa

Youtube Elections hub

CNN: iReport: DNC 2012

iReport: RNC 2012


Democratic National Convention mobile app

Republican National Convention mobile app

Charlotte in 2012 mobile app

Tampa 2012 mobile app for iPhone l Android

CNN/TIME’s Convention Floor Pass mobile app for iPhone l Android l Web Access


9 Concrete Specific Things We Actually Know About How Social Media Shape Elections

Twitter Resources for #DNC 2012

City of Charlotte: DNC Information for Citizens

A Few Memorable Convention Moments

Bradenton Herald RNC 2012 blog

Charlotte Observer DNC Convention blog

Parties’ challenge: Make conventions exciting TV

Everything Changing For Convention Coverage

Previewing the Party Conventions

Twitter rewrites the script for political conventions

If you know a resource that should be on this list but isn’t, please share in the comments, and we’ll add them!

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