The best stories of the week from across the web on e-books and self-publishing

1. Amazon launches free e-book borrowing for Prime members (CNET Reviews)

2. E-book maker Kobo to become a publisher (CBC News)

3. Next up to sue BitTorrent users: Book publishers (ReadWriteWeb)

4. Our relationship with e-books: It’s too complicated (GigaOM)

5. Magazine publishers look to book industry for digital sales strategy (FolioMag)

6. “Amazon will probably make money from the Kindle ecosystem at some point” (Business Insider)

7. Biggest advertiser on Kindle seems to be Amazon (Advertising Age)

8. Emily Gould and the rise of the indie e-bookseller (paidContent) 

9. WSJ to run e-book bestseller lists powered by Nielsen BookScan (paidContent)

10. One more option for self-published journalists: Kindle Singles (Online Journalism Review)