The best stories of the week from across the web on e-books and self-publishing

1. Amazon’s $79 Kindle costs $84 to make (Mainstreet)

2. Kobo acquired by Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten for $315 million (paidContent)

3. Barnes & Noble’s upcoming Nook Tablet to challenge Amazon’s Kindle Fire (VentureBeat)

4. Amazon adds self-published Amanda Hocking to “Kindle Million Club” (paidContent)

5. Magazine publishers divided over giving digital issues for free (ZDNet)

6. Diversify your ad base to survive in the news publishing business (Online Journalism Review)

7. Amazon buys voice-to-text startup Yap (paidContent)

8. Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia starts publishing e-books (paidContent)

9. Amazon Fire setting the stage as a social TV player (Lost Remote)

10. American Public University enlists faculty to write e-textbooks (Inside Higher Ed)