Mediatwits #3: HuffPost Lawsuit and Grading AOL; ‘Write More Good’ Author

    by Mark Glaser
    April 15, 2011
    Bloggers have threatened to strike against the Huffington Post and now Jonathan Tasini has sued the site for $105 million for not paying bloggers

    i-68039320184a5d2dd1ed06140ccd8bbc-Ken-Lowery small.jpg

    Ken Lowery

    Welcome to the third episode of “The Mediatwits,” the new revamped longer form weekly audio podcast from MediaShift. The co-hosts are MediaShift’s Mark Glaser along with PaidContent founder Rafat Ali. This week’s show looks at the recent $105 million lawsuit brought against Huffington Post for not paying its bloggers, as well as our grades for AOL’s various business moves, including the hyper-local Patch sites and buying TechCrunch.

    I would say @FakeAPStylebook was a contributing factor in me having the job that I have now. Success in social media is the Holy Grail for any company." - Ken Lowery

    Our guest this week is Ken Lowery, one of the co-editors and co-authors of the @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter and the new book “Write More Good.” Plus, we give first impressions on the new “Street Fight” online magazine about the hyper-local news business.


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    Intro and outro music by 3 Feet Up; mid-podcast music by Autumn Eyes via Mevio’s Music Alley.

    Here are some highlighted topics from the show:

    Mark switches from AT&T to Verizon

    1:20: Mark loves the Verizon iPhone

    2:37: Rafat sticking with AT&T

    Huffington Post lawsuit

    5:00: Rafat thinks the web is built on user-generated content

    6:15: Mike Elk even says he won’t support lawsuit

    6:45: Rafat doesn’t believe in unions for writers

    Grading AOL

    9:15: Mark discusses long history of AOL re-inventions

    11:45: Rafat gives an “A” for effort to Patch, but “D” for execution

    12:50: Rafat gives a “B” for AOL buying TechCrunch

    14:05: Mark gives an “A-” for AOL buying Huffington Post

    Q&A with Ken Lowery, co-author of “Write More Good”


    15:52: Ken Lowery joins Rafat and Mark

    17:55: How the Bureau Chiefs started with a Gmail group

    19:20: Rafat says literary agents are trolling Twitter now

    21:10: Ken meets woman who runs @APStylebook feed

    23:00: Ken talks about “The Content Farm” spoof site

    Street Fight website launch

    26:33: Mark and Rafat discuss new hyper-local site

    27:40: Rafat thinks it’s a longshot to bring in revenues

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    The Bureau Chiefs

    Write More Good

    The Content Farm parody site

    How to Watch TV at the Content Farm

    Street Fight e-magazine

    Be sure to vote in the MediaShift poll about the future of AOL:

    Mark Glaser is executive editor of MediaShift and Idea Lab. He also writes the bi-weekly OPA Intelligence Report email newsletter for the Online Publishers Association. He lives in San Francisco with his son Julian. You can follow him on Twitter @mediatwit.

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