Everywhere you turn, newspaper websites are getting the blog religion. They’re either adding new blogs from reporters or community members, or setting up an alliance to share advertising, or just buying up big-name bloggers, as the New York Times has done with Freakonomics and by hiring TVNewser’s Brian Stelter. Alana Semuels counts all the ways newspapers and bloggers are working together in a recent LA Times article. “Newspaper websites, desperate for readers and revenue, are increasingly in cahoots with bloggers, posting and plugging them and even sharing advertising revenue,” she wrote. So what gives? Are newspapers getting too blog-happy and perhaps lowering editorial standards? Are bloggers sleeping with the enemy and selling out? Or is this just the inevitable evolution of both sides as they find their place in the online media ecosystem? Share your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll run the more interesting ones in a future Your Take Roundup.