Let’s say you were a witness to something tragic or exciting, something newsworthy like a terrorist bombing or a record-breaking track race. You were on the scene and captured important photos or video, and wrote a story about the experience. Now there are many citizen journalism sites that want you to submit your material, from NowPublic to Yahoo’s You Witness News to CNN Exchange. And there’s also hyper-local sites around the country and world that want you to contribute every little happening or event in your local neighborhood. My question is where would you take that newsworthy information that you have, and why? Would you go to the highest bidder, see who would pay you the most? Would you want your work to have the biggest impact? Or would you just be doing it to help the wider community? What would motivate you to submit material to one of these sites? If you run one of these sites, tell us how you get people to contribute. Use the comments to share your thoughts, and I’ll run the best ones in the next Your Take Roundup.