For so many years, we’ve heard about the promise of convergence, the idea that various technological platforms and features will be built into multi-functional devices. So you’d have the cell phone and personal digital assistant in one handheld device. You’d have Internet surfing on your TV or you could watch TV on your computer. And while we’ve had the first and maybe even second generations of such converged devices as WebTV and the Treo, the third generation was in full display at the recent CES and MacWorld expos. Dan Fost of the San Francisco Chronicle boldly stated that “the long-awaited promise of digital convergence was fulfilled” at those shows. Do you agree that digital convergence is finally here? Do you think these devices are helping us to do more with less? And do you even want convergence to happen or do you prefer to have more devices that do one thing really well? Share your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll include the best responses in the next Your Take Roundup.