I rarely cover economic issues, but there’s one tiring trend in media that seems unstoppable: The breathless coverage of Black Friday and CyberMonday, the shop-till-you-drop days for Christmas shopping that blanket the business pages and TV news schedules. It is easy for mainstream news sources to err on the side of saturation because these very retailers are the last bastion of solid advertising for the newspaper business. Note this comparison: Google News shows nearly 10,000 stories in a search for Black Friday, while there are only 146 stories covering Buy Nothing Day the anti-consumerist holiday that coincides with Black Friday. So how can online media such as blogs, podcasts and citizen journalists counter the largely corporate coverage of the holiday shopping season? Or should they cover it at all? Share some of your favorite online sources for shopping news — consumerist or anti-consumerist — and I’ll post the best responses in the next Your Take Roundup.