If another friend of mine pulls out their cell phone while we’re hanging out together, I think I might scream. Isn’t the point of spending time with your friends and family that you spend quality time with them and not on your phone? Plus, now that cell phones have morphed into mini-computers with video, cameras, web access, texting, etc., they’re even more difficult to pry out of our tech-savvy loved ones’ hands. But still, there are no social norms around when we should and shouldn’t use a cell phone. Some states have passed laws against driving while using cell phones unless you use a no-hands headset. Some restaurants and businesses put up signs telling people not to talk on their premises. Let’s figure this out once and for all: When and where should you NOT be allowed to talk or text on your cell phone in public? Send me your rules and pet peeves, and I’ll collate them for a comprehensive list for the next Your Take Roundup.