Now that downloading music through services such as iTunes has become a common approach to buying music, I wonder what it would take to convince a skeptical public to download movies in the same manner. Most people watch home movies from DVD rental services or from on-demand cable or satellite services. But the promise of downloading movies is that you get the movie directly to your computer, then possibly can burn that to a DVD to watch it on your larger TV screen. So far, the digital rights management systems have kept that scheme from becoming a reality, but there’s been a lot of talk about Apple offering movies via iTunes in the near future for $9.99 a pop. So tell us what would motivate you to download movies from an online service. Would you want to be able to burn it on a DVD? What price would be fair? Would you want high-definition movies? Or do you think movie downloads aren’t worth the hassle? Share your thoughts and the best ones will be featured in the next Your Take Roundup.