Poll: What’s Your Favorite Show to Binge-Watch?

    by Mark Glaser
    September 27, 2013
    The after-math of binge-watching on the "Battlestar Gallactica" episode of "Portlandia"

    Did you ever decide on one ho-hum day to pick up the remote and check out a new TV show? And if you have a streaming service such as Netflix, you watched another one, and another one? Soon, the hours turn to days and you have no idea what’s going on outside your bubble. This is the epitome of “binge-watching” and it was spoofed hilariously on “Portlandia” (see below), as the characters lose themselves (and their jobs) while watching too much “Battlestar Gallactica.” So spill. What show has been your favorite one to binge-watch recently? Vote in our poll below, and share your stories of bad personal hygiene and lost time in the comments. We won’t tell anyone. And check out a discussion of binge-watching on this week’s Mediatwits podcast.

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    18 responses to “Poll: What’s Your Favorite Show to Binge-Watch?”

    1. Mark Fearnow says:

      Six Feet Under. Impossible–to–stop!

    2. bassboneman says:

      I binge watched Portlandia.

    3. Doug McVay says:

      I binge-watched Are You Being Served. I was undergoing chemotherapy at the time so I needed to avoid stress yet I needed to laugh, and it was practically the perfect choice.

    4. Terri Mallgrave says:

      Dr. Who

    5. Michelle says:

      Lost Never watched it during all the hype but after it was all over I checked it out on Netflix. We were hooked! Pushing Daisies was a short binge, but I was so sad to see it over…

    6. Ann Watkins says:

      Heroes and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

    7. puddlejumper says:

      Presently the entire Stargate franchise… The original film then SG-1 has 10 season of 22 episodes each! Then SG Atlantis with 5 seasons with 20 each and then when that is done SG Universe with 2 seasons 20 episodes each and a further 34 webisodes. Not to mention the 2 SG-1 films ^_^ That is a lot to get through!
      I am about half way through Season 8 of SG-1 and season 1 of Atlantis. It would appear, everyone, that I have very little better to do.

    8. Gessie says:

      The Sopranos. I binge watched the first season on videotape (what?) and that’s how I got hooked.

    9. Crystal74 says:

      The original binge watch — 24. Lost several weekends and the whole family was sore from not moving for so long.

    10. Rich says:

      I do without cable. I binge on everything from Dragnet, (Yes) Battle Star Galactica, to Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I Like it. Been watching Luther this weekend.

    11. Karina says:

      Doctor Who…every time, all the time.

    12. Mo says:

      Sopranos, The Wire, and Madmen.

    13. Doc Martin… first on PBS, then over and over again on Hulu last winter. It got me through the dark months.

    14. I binge-watch True Blood. I will probably start watching Breaking Bad once the hoopla dies down and the entire series is released.

    15. kandiamo says:

      Fringe, Stargate Atlantis, Dr.Who (David Tenant), 30 Rock, Battlestar Gallactica

    16. h says:

      Arrow and Dr. Who are next on my binge list.

    17. Robbie Moraes says:

      None of the above. THis is a stupid question.

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