Fashion Week 2009!

    by Angela Antony
    October 9, 2009

    Hi everyone,

    So just to stray for a moment from the topic of the Game, I wanted to forward on an update from our fabulous fashion editor, Sarah Jacobson, on Fashion Week 2009:

    “Fashion week was drama filled but oh so fabulous. in the months leading up to september, i spent time contacting designers and PR folk and asking for invites to the shows. once invites were secured, i compiled a calendar of our events and began setting up interviews and such. during fashion week, i interviewed scarf designer taiana geifer, whose felted wool pieces are to die for. i visited geifer in her showroom, took some pictures, and had a quick chat. i also recruited a new friend of mine, caroline tobias, to take photos at the shows with me. caroline was a great partner in crime and was really good at getting those quick shots. all of the photos in the slideshow are hers; those paparazzi style ones of the celebs are a direct result of her needling her way into the crowd to get up close and personal with the stars. we also had the pleasure of going backstage to see the preparation of the tibi show. john and adam taylor (a videographer) came along for this and got to take in the show. adam took footage of me interviewing the hairdresser backstage, who told us he was weaving scraps of fabric taken from this season’s collection into the models’ messy buns (so green!). we also got footage of a short chat with a model, then of other going ons backstage as well as the show itself. additionally, i set up an interview with getty images photog frazer harrison. for this, we enlisted kipany’s jetain mahendra, who was AWESOME and super professional and got great footage of me chatting with frazer about red carpet no nos and surviving life in the pit (where the photographers fight for spots to get runway photos). jetain also put together a kickass video of the interview juxtaposed with runway footage from the max azria show. he rocks, and i would totally work with him again.
    2) I’ve also been in contact with tristan gribbons, 1/2 of SUST, a sustainable clothing line that’s currently promoting their wares via the sustainability across america tour. i’ve been emailing with tristan, who i came across online, and she’s goign to be filling out (i hope!) some interview questions i emailed her.
    3) I also came across another great sustainable line just today, called everlasting hope. i’ve emailed them to see if we could visit their showroom (they’re based in brooklyn) and chat with the designers.
    4) I’m also really gunning for us to get to portland fashion week. it’s this october, and starts on the 7th, so clearly we won’t make it this year. but its completely sustainable fashion and sustainable sponsors – everything is green! it’s where leanne marshall first showed (from project runway), and seems like an AWESOME event. i’m really hoping to get out there next year.”

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    One response to “Fashion Week 2009!”

    1. SawQ says:

      Good article Angela!

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