Welcome to the Redesigned, Revamped MediaShift

    by Mark Glaser
    October 9, 2008

    After months of planning and hard work behind the scenes, we are proud to launch a new revamped MediaShift website — call it MediaShift 2.0. The basic idea was to transform the one-person blog into an online magazine with more writers, more content and more input from you. In a survey of MediaShift readers, you told us clearly that you’d like to hear from more voices on the blog, so that’s what we will aim to do.

    Here is what has changed with the new-look MediaShift:

    > Bolder, graphical home page that features more stories.
    > New breakdown of sections for better navigation.
    > MediaShift News page gives roundup of headlines from the best sources for new media news and opinions around the web
    > Events page tells you about upcoming conferences and meetups — you can send in your listings too.
    > Best of MediaShift that highlights the best posts from the past.
    > Featured Comment highlights one great comment from you.
    > Today’s Poll lets you have your say on a timely issue.


    Here is what is staying the same:

    > Our focus on how new technology and the Internet our changing the media world around us, whether that’s the popularity of online video, the rise of smartphones, the remaking of newspapers, or the changes in journalism education.
    > A commitment to mixing reporting and opinion journalism in thoughtful pieces that go beyond the usual quick-hit blog posts.
    > A global view that looks at changes in the U.S. and abroad.
    > Walking the talk of journalism experimentation, involving the MediaShift audience in more ways and giving them more ways to follow MediaShift and join in — whether through Twitter or Your Take or Today’s Poll.

    New Editors, Correspondents and Embeds

    While many of these changes are cosmetic, MediaShift also is transforming itself in its editorial as well. First and foremost, we have hired two new editorial hands to help us boost our output:


    > Simon Owens, associate blogger. Simon has had a nascent career in small-town newspapers (and now in new media consulting), and cut his teeth in covering online media on his personal blog, Bloggasm. He’ll be writing an in-depth weekly report similar to my Digging Deeper posts.

    > Mike Rosen-Molina, associate editor: Mike has dual degrees in law and journalism from UC Berkeley, and has worked at daily newspapers and at the JURIST. He will be helping to edit the influx of content from new MediaShift correspondents and embeds, while also writing monthly reports for the site.

    Along with them, we have a strong line-up of correspondents and embeds for MediaShift, who will be contributing regular reports from their workplaces or institutions or covering a vital area for the site:

    > Jessica Dheere: Lebanon correspondent
    > Sokari Ekine: Africa correspondent
    > Jaron Gilinsky: Israel correspondent
    > Lucie Morillon: Free speech correspondent
    > Elle Moxley: Beijing Olympics correspondent
    > Jeffrey Neuburger: Legal correspondent

    > Alfred Hermida, University of British Columbia embed
    > Roland Legrand, Belgium newspaper embed
    > Tim Peek, NBC embed
    > Alana Taylor, NYU student embed
    > Mark Van Patten, Bowling Green newspaper embed

    Due to the chorus of complaints about Alana Taylor’s embedded report from NYU (including from the PBS ombudsman Michael Getler), we will now require all embeds to establish clear communication at their workplaces and schools about their reports for MediaShift so there will be less surprises.

    Join Us

    If you are interested in contributing regularly for MediaShift — or even guest-blogging — please use our Contact Form to let us know. We are still looking for the following:

    > Asia correspondent
    > Europe correspondent
    > mobile technology correspondent
    > local radio or TV station embed
    > book industry correspondent or embed
    > music industry correspondent or embed
    > PR firm embed
    > Hollywood studio embed

    Finally, a very big and hearty thank you to the great folks at Mule Design Studio, for their great design and back-end work, as well as all the PBS techology support staff and producers. We couldn’t have done it without all of your hard and tireless work!

    One big bonus: Mule is also finishing up a redesign of MediaShift Idea Lab, which will launch in the coming weeks and unify the look of both sites. As always, we welcome your comments and criticisms of the changes — and thoughts on what else we can add — either in the comments below or via our feedback form.

    Photo of bright lights by lilyo via Flickr.

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    7 responses to “Welcome to the Redesigned, Revamped MediaShift”

    1. sokari says:

      Love the new design. Well done!

    2. DK says:

      Nice new look and congrats on scaling and adding new voices… good luck with it all.

      One suggestion, don’t cripple your posts for RSS readers. I used to and a very clever guy once said: it makes people think you care more about stats than readers…


    3. DK,
      I am going to revise the RSS feed so that it includes entire posts. I have always tried to do that as we are a non-commercial site, but I think there was a glitch in the feed that has now been fixed.

    4. DK says:

      Awesome – appreciate the response and clarification :-)

    5. Loving the new media shift site! 2.0 is the way to go.

    6. Congratulations & thank you, MediaShift.

      I enjoy your posts and love your brand. I am glad to see you (&PBS) putting more weight behind the ever-expanding, ever-important issue of the media.

      Noticeably there is a media revolution going on and I’m thankful for voices like [chrisbrogan] and now, even more so, MediaShift for helping point the way.

      I look forward to reading your posts! Best.

    7. CaptD says:

      1. Suggest that you super size your Spam filter box as it is getting harder to read for some of us humans.

      2. I believe a blog that allows folks to make comments about the Newshour’s commentators would be great.

      3. Adding a spell checker would save many folks and comments.

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