What is your most audacious prediction for the media in 2007?

    by Mark Glaser
    December 20, 2006

    As the new year dawns the time is nigh for year-end roundups, looks back and overall journalistic holiday laziness. One of the great traditions in journalism is a list of predictions for what will come in the year ahead — and never following up to find out which predictions actually came true. Rather than make my own predictions, and because Time magazine has deemed “you” as the Person of the Year, I’ve decided to turn this prognostication duty over to you, dear MediaShift readers. So what’s your most audacious prediction for the year in media ahead of us? Will GoogTube figure out how to make money? Will Rocketboom launch a lawsuit against Amanda Congdon at ABC? Will Nick Denton tie his pay to Valleywag traffic numbers? Will TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington be humble? Share your craziest predictions for 2007 in the comments, explain why it will happen, and I’ll list the best ones in the next Your Take Roundup in the new year.

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    5 responses to “What is your most audacious prediction for the media in 2007?”

    1. My predictions would be:
      – Either the New York Times or the Washington Post will look at the ‘day pass’ route where a sponsor provides access to content behind the paid barrier (like the Economist and Salon do now)
      – One of the web 2.0 bloggers will try to charge for content and fail
      – A major web 2.0 micromedia/blogger will go under (probably not the same one as tried to charge for content, but you never know)
      – There will be a backlash amongst marketers about the way Google is destroying brand by putting emphasis on transactional click through traffic rather building something to last. But online spending will continue to rise, except with small and medium sized players
      – VoIP-based response services to ads (click to call) will be blocked by at least one baby bell
      – Consumers still won’t want a media centre PC. TiVo will take a financial hammering from other consumer electronics manufacturers
      – The porn industry will come through for Blu-Ray despite the managerial train wreck that runs Sony Corp., unless they get stiffed (intentional pun) on duplication costs
      – The Alchemists will be the most sought out film for media types as we mourn the demise of brilliant advertising in its mass media sense
      – Web 2.0 will just be the web

    2. Hiliary or Barak or John McCain will get one of their “VOTE FOR ME” bumper stickers visible in “24” or some other highly-rated TV show. Who knows how far the relationship between Hollywood and politicians will go? We’ll see.

    3. Ken Leebow says:

      Google will finally deliver a browser and online video play automatically in it. Of course, there will be a lot of other goodies.

    4. Mark, I foresee a major upset in the ad agency sector, regarding the inability to move beyond a mass-media mindset. Here’s my related prediction — just one — for the coming year.

      Downside of the 2007 Upside

    5. Dr BLT says:

      My prediction is that the internet will become a more increasingly multi-media forum. Artists will increasingly turn the internet, and blog sites in particular, to showcase their talents. The blogosphere will become the new LA, The new Nashville, and the new New York where artists will break into the music scene in an independent manner that will eventually render big record companies virtually obsolete.

      PS: I’m hoping, but not predicting that this multi-media explosion will include my own invention, “blog n roll,” a phenomenon in which links to one-song “soundtracks” will be used to emphasize key points illustrated in blog posts and blog comments. Basically, what I’m saying is that 2007 will be

      A Future to Behold…
      words and music by Dr. BLT (c) 2007

      for internet artists wishing to showcase their talents to the world.

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