What are your favorite humor or work-break websites or blogs?

    by Mark Glaser
    July 25, 2006

    Many “knowledge workers” are practically chained to their computers all day for their jobs. So besides getting out of the office, how can all these folks take a break, get a quick laugh and get back to work? A cottage industry of websites have sprouted up to fill the need, from Break.com to CollegeHumor to Office Pirates. And let’s not forget about the classics like The Onion. So which sites and blogs do you visit regularly for a dose of humor during the day or night? Even if you don’t check the sites at work, share your favorites in the comments below, and tell us why you like them. I’ll tally them up, and quote from your best comments and suggestions in the next Your Take Roundup.

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    31 responses to “What are your favorite humor or work-break websites or blogs?”

    1. Dinkum Taylor says:

      I goto eBaum’s World on a daily basis. Out of all the video sites, they have the best stuff hands down. Plus they got a TV Show coming out soon…

    2. Mark says:

      I read Office Pirates at least a dozen times a day and it never fails to “tickle my funny bone.” Also, I am an editor at Office Pirates.

    3. Barry Davidoff says:

      i like break.com. the other vid sites copy their stuff anyway.

    4. SirNuke says:

      Uncyclopedia, a wiki parady of wikipedia (much of it is NSFW).

    5. Can’t beat wikitangenting on wikipedia, for some carefree “learning” … for more aimless indulgence, I try for Boing Boing and its affiliated odd news tidbits!

    6. YouTube, definitely!

    7. Theresa says:

      Nice piece on the Digg stuff. That Calcanis…grrrr… I enjoy Salon’s VideoDog site. You have to pay for it — it’s a premium feature on their site — but I go there every other day or so.

    8. Z. Hendirez says:

      Fark (the photoshops), Something Awful (Photoshop Phriday) and Engrish (so very, very wrong.)

    9. Jeff says:

      boingboing.. sensibleerection.. videosift..

    10. Grayson says:

      TrueGritz.com, of course.

    11. Amber says:

      You do all know about True Gritz (truegritz.com), right? Right??

    12. Natascha says:

      I like wikipedia, and slate.com. I also listen to npr and slate podcasts.

    13. Kimberley says:

      It doesn’t get any better than TrueGritz.com. Southern humor at it’s best!

    14. Jesse says:

      Uncyclopedia is the greatest thing since, well..THE BEGINNING OF TIME!

    15. Greg says:

      One of the funniest places. Sometimes it comes to you even when you don’t click it.

    16. Jesse says:

      ah.. i forgot.. Dinosaur Comics also.

    17. Suzan says:

      TrueGritz.com makes me guffaw every time. There’s nothing like a true southern perspective to set the world right, ya’ll.

    18. Wyatt says:

      OMG TrueGritz for sure – those gals are crazy!

    19. Randy says:

      I like several including Onion and Rocketboom…but my new favorite is TrueGritz.com. It’s funny, fast and fresh.

    20. I started the blog Stinky Ugly Toys as a “pseudo personal blog” to record various work experiences and weird ideas (like unicorns being cruel, violent creatures with dangerous horns). Fictional Memoir Affadavits is the tag line.

      I have also started the New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

      Toque is a very funny blog of humor, like a post about how a guy checks his email right after sex with his girlfriend.

      I like The Dullest Blog in the World as a funny parody of vanity blogs.

      Dvorak Uncensored by John C. Dvorak is pretty funny.

      The Home Depot Bet Blog is funny.

    21. Charles says:

      I thought snickering was a noise only made by others until I laid eyes on TrueGritz. It’s really sly and funny. Charles

    22. Noni says:

      My favorite is truegrits.com If you haven’t been there, you are missing out on some “funny, lol, southern” culture. Keep kicking it girls :=)

    23. WT says:

      TrueGritz ROCKS!!! It ranks right up there on the “hilarity scale” with Hee Haw (only a little more refined). Check it out at http://www.truegritz.com.

    24. Stephen Cox says:

      TrueGritz. It’s better than the Daily Show and it’s online. Witty, sexy, fun.

    25. Lisa Michelbach says:

      TrueGritz. Especially the episode with Daisy, the female mechanic. I drive much slower now AND I’m saving money, all the while laughing when I picture my cash flying out the tail pipe.

    26. I love ValleyWag because its related to work, is funny and features characters I’ve met and worked with. Often when I was at Yahoo! Europe you got the gossip on ValleyWag first!

    27. Chrysti Miller says:

      True Gritz has to be one of the best places for me to go to get a quick laugh! I love the fact that the girls are real, down to earth girls that are talking about topics that matter today and the fact that they are able to do and keeping me laughing is the best part!

    28. Andrea Brazell says:

      My favorite comedic website is http://www.truegritz.com. If you are ever in need of a good laugh or a fresh southern perspective on life, True Gritz is the site to visit!

    29. Jenny says:

      She doesn’t update everyday, but one of my favorite humor blogs is Non Skweeter (http://temmahkrik.wordpress.com). The author does some really interesting stuff and she’s always hilarious. I’ve gone there about a dozen times to re-read stuff and it never gets old.

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