Special Series: Cutting the Cord to Cable TV

    by Mark Glaser
    February 21, 2012
    This series is part of a longer e-book. Get it today!

    This series is part of a longer e-book. Get it today!

    With rising cable and satellite bills, thrifty Americans pinched by the recession have considered cutting the cord to cable. The savings can be enormous, even if the tech know-how can be daunting when creating your new cable-free TV-watching environment. So MediaShift has decided to devote a week of editorial to cord-cutting, with our in-depth guide, first-person accounts, and even a defense of cable TV. And we want to hear from you about your experience — whether you like cable or loathe it. Sharing your setup and your situation as a cord-cutter might help others take the plunge. Here are all the stories in our special series.

    Cord-Cutting Posts

    > Your Guide to Cutting the Cord to Cable TV – Updated 2012 Edition by Mark Glaser


    > I’m Mad as Hell, But I Haven’t (Yet) Cut the Cord by Dorian Benkoil

    > Cord-Cutters Manifesto by Mark Glaser

    > How New Platforms, Streaming Media Change the Equation for Indie Filmmakers by Amanda Lin Costa


    > Mediatwits #39: Cord-Cutting Special: Comcast Streampix; Google Fiber moderated by Mark Glaser; co-host is Brightcove’s Eric Elia; guests are GigaOm’s Ryan Lawler, WSJ’s Sam Schechner, Free Press’ Jenn Ettinger

    > Poll: Have You Cut the Cord to Cable and Satellite TV? by Mark Glaser

    > A Cord-Cutter’s Life: 10 Lessons Learned by Dan Reimold

    > 5 Theories on the Death of Cable TV — And Why They’re Wrong by Seth Shapiro


    What do you think about our series? Did we miss anything? What other coverage would you like to see related to cutting the cord?

    Mark Glaser is executive editor of MediaShift and Idea Lab. He also writes the bi-weekly OPA Intelligence Report email newsletter for the Online Publishers Association. He lives in San Francisco with his son Julian. You can follow him on Twitter @mediatwit.

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