3 Excellent Videos Explain the ‘Game Layer’ Conversation

    by Brad Flora
    January 26, 2011

    Want to learn more about the gamification of news that Chris O’Brien wrote about here last week?

    I did, so I spent the last few days digging into the web for videos and talks about taking game mechanics outside of what we typically think of as “games.” Sure there’s tremendous potential for news organizations that build games around their content, but it’s just a darn interesting idea in general.

    In my searching I dug up three videos you should check out to get a sense of what people talk about when they talk about adding a “game layer” to something.



    1. “Design Outside the Box” at DICE 2010

    In this video, Carnegie Mellon University professor Jesse Schell talks about what’s coming next after Facebook games — earning points sponsored by the government for brushing your teeth and eating healthy!


    2. TED Talk: “Building the game layer on top of the world”

    At TEDxBoston, SCVNGR CEO and founder Seth Priebatsch looks at the “game layer” and how taking it outside of games will reshape education and commerce.

    3. Game Mechanics for Publishers: Interview with Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville

    Badgeville is a startup that gives publishers a real-time rewards platform, i.e. a way to award points to readers for commenting, liking them on Facebook, and sharing their content with their friends. Here he explains their model:

    Got other videos worth watching about the gamification of new realms? Post them in the comments below.

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