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Media Metrics Roundup for January 24, 2018

The Strategy Behind Slate’s Engaging New Design
Michelle Manafy / DCN
Is this the first major redesign of the subscriber metrics era?

What Movie Will You See This Weekend? That Depends On Where You Live.
Clare Carr / MediaShift
Using online attention to measure IRL buying decisions.

Google’s Emphasis On Mobile Page Speed Will Hit CNN, WSJ And Other Top Sites
Lucia Moses / Digiday
A list of how all the top publishers’ sites perform on mobile — soon to matter for SEO.

How Effective Is Twitter Promote Mode? We Tested It For 30 Days.
What $99 a month and automatic promotion buys you.

Paying Attention To Retention
Steve Daigneault / M+R
Good questions to ask when measuring and testing renewal rates.

How To Measure The Impact Of Your Work
Alexa Roman / InVision
A designer’s introduction to product analytics.

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