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Media Metrics Roundup for February 14, 2018

How The Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Strategy Helped Double Social Subscriptions
Simone Flueckiger / WAN-IFRA
Expert advice for using Facebook as an acquisition channel.

The 15 Biggest Local News Sites on Facebook in January
Liam Corcoran / MetricShift
The New York Post and the Los Angeles Times lead the list.

How Long Should You Run Your A/B Test?
These are best practices for testing opens, clicks and revenue.

How Facebook Is Changing the Way It Reports Organic Reach for Page Posts
David Cohen / Adweek
The new methodology counts organic reach like paid reach. (Did you know organic reach used to include posts that users never saw?!)

Consumers Give Up On Slow Content
Sara Fischer / Axios
Speed matters, so here’s some new Adobe Consumer Content Survey data to share with your boss.

Organizations That Turn Data Into Insights Are Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Improved Connections With Consumers
Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron / MIT Sloan Management Review
A big new executive survey shows that the competitive advantage from analytics continues to grow.

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