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Media Metrics Roundup for December 28, 2016

New Metrics of VR: Spread the Good VIBEs

(Vincent Cacace / MediaPost)
VR is on all kinds of 2017 prediction lists. Here’s your first primer on measurement.

This American Life Listeners Are Sharing Audio In Unexpected Ways

(Elizabeth Hansen / Columbia Journalism Review)
The Shortcut app’s innovation is to change how we listen.

Community Engagement Matters (Now More Than Ever)

(Melody Barnes & Paul Schmitz / Stanford Social Innovation Review)
Insight into how non-media organizations wrestle with engagement.

A Good Metric Changes The Way You Behave

(Julien Collet / Medium)
Two minutes on what makes a good metric.

Easily Creating Day/Hour Heatmaps From Google Analytics

(Elad Levy / Medium)
This 5-minute project is an easy New Year’s Resolution.

From MetricShift


It’s Funny Because It’s True: Fact-Based Comedy Can Affect Audiences by Lindsay Green-Barber

Storyclash’s Top Social Media Interactions for Publishers and Stories in 2016 by Manuel Brosch

The Best Publishers of the Year on Facebook and Instagram by Liam Corcoran

Foundations Take Myriad Approaches to Combat Misinformation, Fake News by Elia Powers

5 Tips to Build a Fully Automated Metrics Dashboard with Google Sheets by Simon Breton

Parse.ly: Facebook is the Referral Traffic Story of 2016 by Allie VanNest

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