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Media Metrics Roundup for February 28, 2018

Lessons Learned from the Quartz Email Team
Cate Blouke / Really Good Emails
The most important metric? “Total number of active subscribers we have per newsletter.”

Trust In News Matters. Don’t Give Up On It.
James Tyner / MetricShift
What publications lose by prioritizing “engagement” or page views.

Paths To Subscription: Why Recent Subscribers Chose To Pay For News
American Press Institute
45 percent finally subscribed because of a promotion or a free trial.

It’s Time To End ‘Trending’
Brian Feldman / Select All
Trending algorithms can’t determine whether content should be shared.

After Years Of Testing, The Wall Street Journal Has Built A Paywall That Bends To The Individual Reader
Shan Wang / Nieman Lab
Each site visitor is scored, “based on dozens of signals,” on their propensity to subscribe.

A Guide To Page Value – The Undervalued Metric
Donovan Ayon / Luna Metrics
How to track which pages, or groups of pages, users see before a transaction.

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Jason Alcorn (@jasonalcorn) is the Metrics Editor for MediaShift. In addition to his work with MediaShift, he works as a consultant with non-profits and newsrooms.

Jason Alcorn :Jason Alcorn is a media consultant who helps newsrooms, foundations and nonprofits build an informed citizenry through journalism and civic engagement. He is also an award-winning investigative journalist. Get in touch at jason@jasalc.com or @jasonalcorn on Twitter.