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Must Reads in Media & Technology: Aug. 21

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1. Did I Kill Gawker? (Max Read / New York Magazine)

2. Lessons From Rio, as Live Events Make the Leap to Streaming (Sapna Maheshwari / New York Times)

3. CNN Just Launched a New Drone Division. Here’s What They Plan to Do With It. (Benjamin Mullin / Poynter)

4. WikiLeaks Has Morphed from Journalism Hotshot to Malware Hub (Sandra Upson / Backchannel)

5. Fusion’s Newsletter Strategy Trades Automated Feeds for Human Curation and Reporters’ Voices (Ricardo Bilton / Nieman Lab)

6. Access, Accountability Reporting and Silicon Valley (Adrienne LaFrance / Nieman Reports)

Kelly O'Mara :Kelly is a reporter outside San Francisco. She writes about endurance sports for espnW, VICE, and Competitor Magazine, and manages the internet for the local NPR station.