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#EdShift Chat: How to Use Snapchat for Storytelling

Social media juggernaut Snapchat isn’t just for sharing photos among friends — it’s a powerful visual storytelling platform. So it’s no wonder that news outlets and brands are looking for ways to connect with users in this emerging space.

In our EdShift chat on Tuesday, July 12, starting at 1 p.m. Eastern time/Noon Central/10 a.m. Pacific, we’ll get you started learning how to use Snapchat, and you’ll hear from those who are using it to craft stories and engage with audiences. (To learn even more, join this July 20 DigitalEd training on Snapchat for storytellers and journalists.)

The chat, which you can find by searching for the #EdShift Twitter hashtag, will be moderated by Stacy Forster of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Other guests will include MediaShift’s Tim Cigelske and his former intern Cesar Gomez, who created Marquette University’s Snapchat story, Bethany Swain of the University of Maryland, Aaron Manfull of MediaNow, Rebecca Haggerty and Laura Davis of the University of Southern California’s JEDI Desk, as well as their former students Monica Castillo, Fernando Hurtado and Madison Mills.

Here is a Storify of the conversation:

Stacy Forster :