Peer Training Facilitator

The following is a job opening for MediaShift. To apply for the position, please email Mark Glaser at mark [at] mediashift [dot] org. Please read the job description carefully and fulfill all the requirements clearly in your email to us.

Peer Training Facilitator

MediaShift is looking for a Peer Training Facilitator who will help run our new peer training groups through 2018. MediaShift received a one-year grant to test out peer group trainings for publishers who want to learn more about working on social platforms. The peer groups will be developed this winter and launch next February. The facilitator will be responsible for developing curriculum, communication with group members, facilitating all monthly online peer group meetings, and motivating participation by group members.

This is a part-time contract job that you can do from your own home or office. We prefer that you are a full-time freelancer, and don’t have a current full time job.

Hours: About 20 hours per month, starting off slower and building as groups launch.

Job Requirements

> At least 1-2 years of experience training people in media and journalism.
> Knowledge of the media business, as well as major tech platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and Twitter.
> Experience running online communities and online meetings in Google Hangouts, Zoom, BigMarker or similar.
> Bonus: First-hand experience as a small or medium-sized online publisher.

Please send us a message with the following information in three paragraphs or less:

> Your experience working as a facilitator, trainer and/or publisher.
> Why you are uniquely qualified for this job.
> Three ideas for how you would group people in the peer group trainings.

Include a link to your resume or CV, links to three recent trainings you have conducted, and three references.


$1,000 per month

Deadline to apply: November 24, 2017

Target start date: December 4, 2017