Inspiration for the WVU Women’s Makeathon


Need a crash course in the Internet of Things, sensors and beacons? We’ve assembled some of our favorite reads and references to get you thinking…

Internet of Things, explained:
http://bit.ly/iotexplanation from Intel.com

Storytelling and the Internet of Things by John du Pre Gauntt:
http://bit.ly/storytellingiot from Medium

The tweeting pothole by Christine Sunu (one of our speakers):
http://bit.ly/tweetingpothole from Buzzfeed

Pigeon air patrol: Sensor-equipped pigeons are tweeting about London’s air pollution
http://bit.ly/sensorpigeons from Gizmodo

To keep seniors living independently, sensors track their home habits:
http://bit.ly/seniorsensors from STAT News

World’s first iBeacon documentary: Wayfinding for the digital age:
http://bit.ly/beacondoc from beekn

Sensors and Journalism:
http://bit.ly/towsensor from Tow Center for Digital Journalism

And here’s one on thinking about design and tools:

That one free tool by Brian Boyer:
http://bit.ly/onefreetool from Medium