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by Sam Berkhead

It’s more difficult than ever for U.S. media organizations to cover international events. Since 2003, the number of foreign correspondents working for U.S. outlets has fallen 24 percent. Yet as press freedom continues to decline around the world, the need for major news outlets to sustain a presence abroad is more vital than ever. That’s […] more »

by Fannie Cohen

The International Women’s Media Foundation launched Reporta this week, a free app designed to improve security protocols for journalists working in hostile environments worldwide. The app features automated check ins, location tracking, an SOS button, and remote storage for photos and video. Executive Director Elisa Muñoz said the organization has long recognized the need for […] more »

by Ryan Thornburg

Reporters in four North Carolina counties have a new colleague — a robot that checks public records every day for story ideas and shoots you an email if something shows up that you’ve told it is interesting to you. The N.C. Data Dashboard for newsrooms scrapes online police reports and other public data in Wake, […] more »

Best Practices
by Sam Berkhead

It’s all about the evidence. David Donald, a data journalist in residence at the American University School of Communication, stressed this fact during a recent talk with visiting Pakistani journalists from ICFJ’s U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism. “Everything I talk about is in the context of evidence,” Donald said. “Investigative reporting is about evidence; data […] more »

by Khari Johnson

You might think of FOIA requests as something a single, intrepid reporter does in a vacuum, completely unaware of other requests the government is fielding, but on MuckRock, sometimes it’s a form of organized action. Sometimes people band together and follow various strategies to get the information they want. That’s what MuckRock provides. The platform […] more »

by Anne Li

I have a fear of failure. I don’t like it when my inbox has more than five emails sitting in there (at the time of this first blog post draft’s conception, it was at 400). I cringe when my desktop is cluttered with screenshots and downloads. These, for me, are true indicators of the clutter […] more »

by Meg Dalton

Think of it as the Y Combinator of public radio. Instead of churning out startup after startup, the NPR Storytelling Lab will apply the incubator model to its national programming and bring innovation to your ears, one broadcast or download at a time. National Public Radio (NPR) has been experimenting with storytelling techniques, tools and […] more »

by Catherine Gicheru

The launch of the Kenya Open Data Initiative in July 2011 led to the release of hundreds of data sets which, for a few discerning journalists and editors, opened up a new way of discovering, reporting and disseminating news. From the new data sets, journalists can learn details about budget allocations to Kenyan counties and […] more »

Best Practices
by Akoto Ofori-Atta

At this year’s NICAR event, I attended an hourlong panel called “50 Ideas in 60 Minutes.” I sat, doing my best to keep up as journalists Tyler Dukes and Mc Nelly Torres dexterously moved through a slideshow highlighting some of the most compelling data-driven news stories from recent years, succinctly describing each one in under […] more »

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