Tag: YouTube

by Matt Stempeck

There are many problems with using commercial technology platforms to host democratic, social, or activist content and communications. These problems came up in multiple sessions at the recent National Conference on Media Reform. There are also obvious reasons to continue using these platforms (audience reach, most notably), and so we do. Some activist efforts that […] more »

by Ryan Thornburg

The Russian punk band Pussy Riot must have done something really bad to merit a possible seven years in prison, I figured. Finding all descriptions of their behavior to be filled with euphemism, I wanted to see their offensive behavior myself. Who do you turn to when you want to see the world as it […] more »

by Amy Saunderson-Meyer

As an information activist working in Zimbabwe, I’ve found the role of digital technologies in Egypt’s revolution fascinating. Here are some observations surrounding the 18 days of protest, which successfully challenged President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30 years of rule. 1. People at the heart. Whilst information and communication technology (ICT) provided critical channels to mobilize […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

When I think about my project, SochiReporter, I often recall the seminal 1961 book by Jane Jacobs, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities.” This book challenged the conventional wisdom of city planners of that era and celebrated the vibrancy of the urban streetscape. It also encouraged citizen involvement in the development of neighborhoods. […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

Brainstorming the next brilliant News Challenge project? I’ve got two for you, and you’ve got until fall to noodle over them. As the program director for DocumentCloud I spend a lot of time talking to journalists, writers and researchers about what DocumentCloud is and, often, what it isn’t. DocumentCloud is great for documents. It is […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

Well, it’s Susan Boyle again singing “Now you say you’re lonely,” being not at all lonely with her 61 million YouTube viewers. That number makes the appealing British singer 61 times more popular than the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Global Mash-up musicians with their 1.1 million views. But the YouTube Symphony, a unique experiment uniting musicians […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

The above video is one of a large number posted via YouTube by students in Pakistan to share what was happening in their country during the 2007-2008 political emergency. During a time when the government was tightening its control over traditional media, citizen journalists took on vital functions in fostering public debate, insuring the spread […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

One of our goals at the Center for Future Civic Media is to identify best practices from existing projects which might inform those initiatives which will emerge from the Center. We want to understand how people out there are using the tools available to them right now to enhance civic awareness, to play informal watchdog […] more »

by David Sasaki

I’m currently at DIY Video Summit, a well-organized gathering of academics, video-bloggers, and other web enthusiasts and critics. The first panel provided an overview of the state of academic research regarding online do-it-yourself video. A lot of the conversation centered around theoretical definitions of what constitutes an “amateur.” All of the panelists and many from […] more »