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by Melissa Ulbricht

For the largest civil society media platform in Tanzania, back talk is good. 

 In fact, talking back is the objective of a new service at Femina HIP called Speak Up! The service aims to increase access of marginalized youth and rural communities and promote a participatory, user-driven media scene in Tanzania.

 Femina HIP is […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

Video Volunteers has partnered with MTV Iggy to produce videos in Kashmir about life in the refugee camps of Jammu. Here’s a link to one of the videos, about a boy who watched his entire family be slaughtered: mtviggy.com | desi MTV igg is a new channel/show of MTV that is focused on Diaspora youth. […] more »

by Mitchel Resnick

What does it mean to be truly literate with new media? Certainly, it means more than the ability to send email and browse websites. Recent commentaries on new media literacy have emphasized the importance of the ability to analyze media critically and the ability to participate actively in online communities. Those abilities are clearly important. […] more »

by Paul Lamb

An interesting piece appeared in the Friday, April 11 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, calling for a New Deal-like investment by America in youth and technology. The basic argument is that a new generation of technology savvy youth could be put to work leveraging their digital skills to create socially useful tools and engage […] more »

by Ian V. Rowe

We’re excited to share the below announcement of our work with the Knight Foundation, and now Associated Press! MTV TAPS 51 STATE–BASED CITIZEN JOURNALISTS FOR “CHOOSE OR LOSE ’08” AP Online Video Network & Top Mobile Carriers to Distribute Weekly “Street Team ’08” Reports Knight Foundation Grant Helps Power Mobile Media Election Coverage Experiment December […] more »

by Ian V. Rowe

We listened. More than any time in human history, young people have more tools at their avail to consume – and create – information on the issues that are most relevant to them. So to figure out exactly what MTV’s approach would be to truly engage young people aged 18-30 during this Presidential election cycle […] more »