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by mbauer

OpenSpending is a database, analysis, and visualization tool for budget- and expenditure-related data. It acts as a data warehouse, giving you access to budgetary data from around the world. One of OpenSpending’s most commonly used features is its ability to easily visualize budgets in two different formats. In this tutorial, we will use data from […] more »

by Bonnie Bogle

For this week’s [climate meetings in Durban](http://www.cop17-cmp7durban.com/), the World Bank [released a series of maps](http://climate4development.worldbank.org/) showing the predicted impact of climate change on the world between now and 2100. The data is dismal. If climate change continues unmitigated as it has for the past century, temperatures around the world will increase 5 degrees Celsius (9 […] more »