Tag: women

by Meg Dalton

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) recently announced the inaugural group of grantees for its new Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists. Designed to empower female journalists around the world, the fund awarded grants to nine trailblazing women who were selected from a pool of 650 applicants representing projects in over 100 countries. “We […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Last week I wrote up the #FBrape campaign’s strategy: to hold Facebook accountable for the misogynistic content of its users by pressuring advertisers. Only seven days after the open letter was published, Marne Levine, Facebook’s VP of Global Publicy Policy, published a response agreeing to the campaign’s demands to better train the company’s moderators, improve […] more »

by J. Nathan Matias

Can high-resolution data and innovative technology help us create better representation of women in the news? I believe so. Over the next year, my thesis project is to design a series of articles, artistic pieces, and technologies for gender equity. I’m going beyond mudslinging and hand wringing to apply technology in constructive ways that can […] more »

by Florence Scialom

This post is a guest column written by FrontlineSMS user Ananda Galappatti, editor of Minmini News, a women’s news network in Sri Lanka. Minmini News is a local SMS news service for women in the Batticaloa District of Eastern Sri Lanka. Batticaloa is the poorest district of Sri Lanka, still slowly emerging from the destruction […] more »

by Andrius Kulikauskas

The Includer can’t work simply as a device. We can write, but whose heart will leap to respond? We learn from Wendi Losha Bernadette of Actwid Kongadzem, a women’s organization in Cameroon: We all wish to thank Janet for her wonderful contribution written out on our behalf which first read exactly as if she was […] more »

by David Sasaki

A few weeks ago I interviewed Cristina Quisbert of the Voces Bolivianas project in El Alto, Bolivia. She made the point that in Bolivia – and across much of the world – women often have less access to new technologies than their male counterparts. Furthermore, once women are empowered to use new communications technologies such […] more »