Tag: voting

by Amanda Hickman

Every election, Gotham Gazette publishes a last minute voters guide. We almost always include every local race along with a round up of our coverage of the issues in that district and the race itself. From Surrogate Court and judicial convention delegates to NYC congressional races; and sometimes we’re the only publication in town that […] more »

by Liz Nord

Since January, 2008 and through the primary season, the team of 51 MTV / Knight Street Team citizen journalists has been producing weekly local and national reports in the form of blog posts, video stories, photo journals and audio stories. Check out their stories at www.chooseorlose.com or via our mobile WAP site (m.streetteam08.com)(and via mobile […] more »

by Steven Clift

On my Democracies Online blog I shared my dismay about the so-called online candidate debates thus far this election cycle. With E-Democracy.Org we hosted the first online candidate debate back in 1994, so I am looking for innovations that involve the public in determining the questions and would be satisfied without real candidate rebuttals online. […] more »

by Ian V. Rowe

We listened. More than any time in human history, young people have more tools at their avail to consume – and create – information on the issues that are most relevant to them. So to figure out exactly what MTV’s approach would be to truly engage young people aged 18-30 during this Presidential election cycle […] more »