Tag: voip

by Christopher Csikszentmihályi

MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media has done a variety of breakthrough civic systems with phones. Examples range from Leo Burd’s What’s Up platform to the Call4Action class and its cool student projects. We at C4 love these projects, but working with phones has always been a bear. A lot of programming is necessary. In […] more »

by Amy Saunderson-Meyer

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) such as the Internet and mobile phones are often recognized for their role in helping connect people and communities, and spread knowledge and information. People may be unaware, however, that they’re also a powerful force for international development — provided that they are not suffocated by regulation and censorship. The […] more »

by Brenda Lynne Burrell

Kubatana, a Zimbabwean non-profit organisation committed to democratising access to information, was awarded a Knight News Challenge grant in May 2008 for its Freedom Fone software development project. The Freedom Fone project aspires to help civic organisations extend their information in an audio format to mobile phone users. In Zimbabwe the mass media is monopolised […] more »