Tag: visualizations

by Neil Ashton

The biannual Open Knowledge Conference, the world’s leading event in open knowledge, is taking place this week in Geneva. This year’s OKCon asks: How can open data become a deeper part of public life? Citizen data explorers and investigators are crucial — that is why a full track of events will cover evidence and stories, […] more »

by Jonathan Stray

Overview produces intricate visualizations of large document sets — beautiful, but what do they mean? These visualizations are saying something about the documents, which you can interpret if you know a little about how they’re plotted. Same documents, different visualizations There are two visualizations in the current prototype version of Overview, and both are based […] more »

by Martin Keegan

The people have a right to know, but sometimes they’re a bit too busy to find out for themselves. Informed citizens have both the need and the desire to know about public affairs, whether public or of a more private nature. For as long as there has been democracy, there’s also been a free press, […] more »

by Christina Xu

When we started work on Awesome News Taskforce Detroit, I knew that getting a diverse group of people involved from the get-go was our No. 1 priority. In the case of Detroit, that diversity must include not just gender and racial diversity, but also geographical, class and organizational differences as well. As an experiment, I […] more »

by Cody Shotwell

Today marks the end of the second week of the Knight-Mozilla Learning Lab, an experiment in which 63 “mad scientists” with ideas for how to improve digital storytelling have been thrown together in a common digital space to learn and refine those digital ideas. In the first week, we heard lab interface designer Aza Raskin […] more »

by JD Lasica

Visualization tool: ManyEyes from JD Lasica on Vimeo. At the Future of Civic Media conference at the MIT Media Lab in June, one of the best presentations came from the co-creator of Many Eyes. Fernanda B. Viegas, research staff member of IBM’s Visual Communication Lab in Cambridge, described some of the uses for this visualization […] more »