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by Bobby Schweizer

In our research on newsgames, we proselytize the power of videogames to model events in the world small and big, simple and complex. But there is, of course, a discrepancy between the values we espouse and newsgames that get made. Making games is difficult. As researchers, we critique them to encourage certain practices and discourage […] more »

by Ian Bogost

Earlier this month a group of journalists, game designers, and academics gathered at the University of Minnesota for a workshop on newsgames. I was there, as was fellow Knight News Challenge winner and San Jose Mercury News tech business writer Chris O’Brien. After the event, Chris wrote a recap of the meeting here on Idea […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

Over the weekend, TechCruch’s confessed “old media snob” Paul Carr posted an interesting response to my call for more newsgames. In the post, Mr. Carr was quite complimentary to my overall reasoning, but differed in one fundamental respect: Maybe I’m getting old. Certainly I’m an old media journalism snob. But the fact is, when faced […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

One of the biggest emerging conversations over the past year in Silicon Valley is around “gamification.” Simply put, this is the idea of applying game mechanics, particularly those found in videogames, to all sorts of non-game experiences. After following this conversation for many months, I’ve come to believe that over the next decade gamification will […] more »

by Bobby Schweizer

The [newsgames project](http://jag.lcc.gatech.edu/blog/), which this year won a [News Challenge grant](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2010/09/the-cartoonist-aims-to-bring-newsgames-to-the-masses243.html), began two and a half years ago with a single question: What is the relationship between videogames and journalism? With the help of the two dozen fellow students at Georgia Tech who’ve joined us over the past five semesters, we identified and explored seven […] more »

by Ian Bogost

The Cartoonist, our winning entry in the 2010 Knight News Challenge, emerged from two research programs. For the past two years, my research group at the Georgia Institute of Technology has been cataloging and analyzing the burgeoning genre of “newsgames” — videogames about current and past real-world events. That research produced a book, Newsgames, which […] more »

by Dori J. Maynard

Go to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog and you don’t know if you’re going to find a post on politics, poetry, the NFL or the world of videogames. A journalist who has worked at Time Magazine and the Village Voice, Coates started his own blog after being laid off from Time Magazine. Then, back in August, the […] more »

by Paul Grabowicz

When will we have a software program that makes it as easy to create a video game as iMovie makes creating a video? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot, as we prepare to launch our Remembering 7th Street video game project, something we’ve been working on for nearly three years. We hope […] more »

by Fabio Berzaghi

Here is another update from our research assistant on the “Playing the News” project. The team has been exploring “mini-games” that would provide a challenge as players move through the information from the news stories. Fabio has discovered some open source flash sites that might help. “As I mentioned in my earlier post, this week […] more »

by Leslie Rule

I crossed paths with “serious gaming,” in a serious way twice in one week. First at the Knight Digital Media Center’s Editorial Writers seminar in Los Angeles last week. Later in the week, I attended a gaming session at the Computer Using Educator’s conference in Palm Springs. Both of the gaming presentations were intriguing and […] more »